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Since our establishment in 2000 we’ve been working extremely hard to become the top Health Food Store in San Francisco . We’re proud of all of the extra features we offer to our customers including Low Prices, Customer Service and Event Orders. Keep coming back to our store! We’re here to go the extra mile.


Low Prices and Delicious

We are proud to offer delicious dishes like a superior hotel but at a very reasonable price, and we have put in a lot of effort for this. This location is our first store in lake forest, Orange County, California. It is also the first store in Irvine and Forest Lake to combine high-quality Asina bento and tea drinks for the purpose of health and taste.(healthy and tasty).


Environmental Protection

All of our meal packaging uses degradable materials to achieve zero plastic contamination for every order. Custom bento boxes are made from sugar cane pulp, chopsticks are made of bamboo, and forks are made of Russian birch. For the protection of the earth’s environment, we thank our guests for their contribution to Golden Box Express.
( We are deeply thankful for your contribution for supporting us.)


Convenient Orders

We provide online ordering and catering services, and guests(You) can easily order meals on our own website. We can also provide free delivery service if you order more than 50 sets of food at any one of the pick up locations. You can also join our opening activities and get more store discounts.

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21212 bake parkway,
unit c and d, Lake Forest,
California 92630


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